Monthly Archives: October 2013

Why Eat Herbs and Spices

There’s more to good food than just using whole food ingredients. One of the best ways to add a little extra nutrition to your meal is by including herbs and spices. These powerful ingredients do more than add a little extra flavor to your food. They can provide more vitamins and minerals than the vegetables,… Read more »

Mouthwatering Caramelized Bananas

Back in June, we promised to post a recipe for caramelized bananas in the near future. Our test kitchen has been preparing batches of these tasty delights since then, and finally settled on the following recipe, for the most scrumptious results. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 14 minutes Ingredients: 2 firm bananas, peeled and… Read more »

A Brief Introduction to Making Cheese at Home

Many of the foods we take for granted as difficult or out of the average home cook’s reach are actually easily prepared in the kitchen. We talked about SCOBYs and cultures in the last post. Keeping dairy in mind, let’s dig into the glories of home cheese making today.   Why Make Cheese at Home?… Read more »

Making Yogurt, Kombucha, and Vinegar at Home

In many communities, a new cooking technique is invading the kitchen. Cultures are becoming popular. From yogurts to kombucha, home cooks are tackling some of the most fascinating food products on the market in their own kitchens. You can, too. The benefits of probiotic foods like yogurts are numerous, including improved digestive health and lower… Read more »