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Good Bacteria, Beneficial Bacteria, Gut, And Stomach Acid

(NaturalNews) Antibiotics kill bacteria. The problem is, our bodies are filled with bacteria, and those microbes are essential to our health. Our gut is home to 300-1000 different species of bacteria that help us digest our food, create and synthesize vitamins, repel invading pathogens, create neuro…

Vinegar, Cup Hot Vinegar, White Vinegar, And Hard Water

Vinegar is one of my go to products for just about every DYI or cleaning issue in my house. We buy it by the case! It unclogs toilets, cleans windows, gets rid of odors and eats away mineral build up what ?s not to love. 1. Cleaning out the refrigerator Yuck there is nothing worse… Read more »

Tongue, Normal Tongue, White Layer, And Shows Proper Function

A single glance at your tongue in the mirror will sure help you determine whether you have a health problem. So, instead of wondering why your tongue has suddenly turned white or darker, keep reading carefully. The function and the appearance of the tongue are much more important than you think, sa…