About Us

What We Do

Chico Chef is a small, family-owned company committed to ensuring that you and your family have access to the best culinary products at economic prices. Our company began in 2013 when we realized the lack of child-friendly products on the market. Although we aren’t business professionals, just concerned family and friends, we started to look for a way to change the situation. After all, good nutrition starts at home. Kids need to be in the kitchen – we believe that health and nutrition go hand in hand with experience helping in meal preparation. Kids learn by example, and what we do, they do.

Each of our products has been carefully selected and tested to ensure that they are both safe, and fun. Our children are our laboratory. If they like a product, and it meets our strict safety requirements, we carry it. As your children grow, introducing them to healthy foods prepared with our safe, non-toxic, and fun tools is a great way to teach them more than just cooking. You are teaching them that health matters, as well as how to prepare quality, nutritious meals.

Recently, we also decided to partner with several best-selling nutrition, diet, and wellness authors. Cooking safely and having fun with your kids in the kitchen begins with recipes, after all. We’ve chosen the best, to make sure that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy them, and that they provide the nutrition your little ones need. At Chico Chef, we care about you and your family. Get to know us, you will love us!