Diet & Lifestyle

Thank you for visiting our Diet and Lifestyle page. At present we are still working on building a community-friendly section, where you can contribute your thoughts and tips on healthy eating and family fun. We are open to suggestions as to what you would like to see in this area of the site. After all, ChicoChef is about family, and we count you as part of ours. Please email us at to contribute your suggestions regarding this space. Thank you!

Herbs and Spices in Your Kitchen

Congratulations to our friend and partner, Sharon Daniels, on the publication of her new book Healing With Herbs and Spices (A Part of the Miracle Healers from the Kitchen Series). We are more than excited to read this captivating text, and learn all the secrets that herbs and spices offer for health and wellness. Check out this book,… Read more »

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Give Thanks For A Healthier You

Thanksgiving is more than just a family holiday – it’s often the start of holiday weight gain. There’s more to those extra pounds than all the sweets and treats we commonly associate with the holidays, however. The way we cook can be just as important as what we cook. There are some basics that most… Read more »

The Perfect Holiday Gift Made Easy

Finding the perfect holiday presents can be a challenge for even the most experienced shoppers. Black Friday is a tempting event, but it doesn’t often yield the best buys, and it can be high stress. Not to mention dangerous. So how can you find the perfect gift, without dealing with the crowds or missing out… Read more »

Why Eat Herbs and Spices

There’s more to good food than just using whole food ingredients. One of the best ways to add a little extra nutrition to your meal is by including herbs and spices. These powerful ingredients do more than add a little extra flavor to your food. They can provide more vitamins and minerals than the vegetables,… Read more »