Sugar Cookies

I think nearly everyone has made sugar cookies with their family at some point. I’ve never been a very big fan of the traditional recipe, though. As a result, I twisted it with my chocolate chip cookie recipe and came up with something truly delectable. Hopefully your kids will enjoy it as much as mine… Read more »


Breakfast Biscuits

I’m from the south. Biscuits are a religion here. These breakfast biscuits were my answer to my family pigging out on biscuits in addition to their meal. I think good food and healthy food can merge, and they do it in this dish. Breakfast biscuits are a one-biscuit meal that is great for a sit-down… Read more »


Rustic Apple Tart with a Hand-Pressed Crust

Growing up in a rural community, when food was scarce, neighbors helped out. One of the most common items that showed up on our dining room table due to the courtesy and kindness of friends and neighbors were apples. My father made a fabulous apple pie using them, and this rustic apple tart is made… Read more »


Baked Chicken Breasts with Mixed Garden Veggies

This one dish meal is great for a cold night. The comforting flavors of an Italian country kitchen dance across the palate. Kids will love the bright colors of the different vegetables, and there are many little steps in the recipe that they can help with. If you’re nervous about kids with knives, don’t be…. Read more »


Honey-Baked Peaches with Greek Yogurt

If you’ve got a grill, you can also try grilling the peaches in summer, for a fun twist. This recipe is a hit with my whole family, and I always try to keep some of the peaches prepped and on hand, for days when we don’t have time for a full breakfast. It’s a filling,… Read more »


Parmesan cheese crisps

It took me a few months of playing with the idea of parmesan cheese crisps to nail a healthy preparation for them. They are admittedly one of my guilty pleasures, and when I saw them popping up in my local grocer’s, I knew I needed to create a good recipe for them to keep myself… Read more »


Shrimp Basil Marinara

This dish is great for special occasions, or frankly, for any occasion. Succulent shrimp, bathed in fresh tomatoes and basil, is always a treat. The bright colors of the dish appeal to younger palates, too. When I was a kid, my job was to clean and devein the shrimp. It might sound like cruel and… Read more »


Crispy potato wedges

My mother worked 60 hours a week, and it was Dad who raised us. His potato wedge recipe is still one of my favorites. They aren’t French fries, but they are a healthy, crispy, delicious alternative. If you are up for a real treat, use an heirloom potato variety. Most heirloom vegetables are higher in… Read more »



Every once in a while, your kids need a break from health food, and so do you. Mini pizzas are a great choice. Instead of ordering delivery, make a pizza as a family, and let everyone decorate their own. The recipe listed here is for cheese pizzas, but you can add any vegetable or protein… Read more »


Napoleon a La Crème

This dessert is simply delicious and looks beautiful as well. Choose your favorite berry to sit on the freshly whipped cream. Since puff pastry is not sweet by itself, the cream should be sweetened a little more than you normally would for a whipped topping. Serve with coffee or hot tea as a treat for… Read more »