Quick Tips for a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Bringing your children into the kitchen is an excellent way to teach them the basics of healthy eating and nutrition. Measuring ingredients can teach and reinforce basic math concepts, including fractions and volume. That said, kitchens aren’t always kid-friendly. These tips will help make your cooking are a kid-friendly space.

- Have a cabinet that is just for your child or children. Place common cooking items that are neither breakable, nor sharp inside. Your child should have access to this cabinet anytime they are in the kitchen with you. Good items to include are silicone, plastic, metal, or wood storage and measuring items, a child-size apron, cloth napkins and towels, and perhaps a rolling pin and cookie cutters that have dull edges.

- Keep all knives and other sharp instruments out of your child’s reach.

- Make the refrigerator shelf that is at your child’s eye-level a storage spot for healthy snacks. When your little one goes hunting for a snack, they will be more likely to eat these items than ones that are placed out of sight.

- Let your child do age-appropriate tasks as part of family meal preparation. Don’t leave them unsupervised in the kitchen, however.

- Once a week, make a family- friendly recipe, such as a homemade version of your child’s favorite crackers or cookies.

- Keep an eye on our recipe blog for great kid-friendly recipes that you can use.

We hope you enjoy these tips, and find the kitchen to be a great place for the whole family to have fun and relax. For more great tips and information on having your child join you safely in the kitchen, see the USDA site on bringing kids into the kitchen. Happy cooking!

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