The Perfect Holiday Gift Made Easy

Finding the perfect holiday presents can be a challenge for even the most experienced shoppers. Black Friday is a tempting event, but it doesn’t often yield the best buys, and it can be high stress. Not to mention dangerous. So how can you find the perfect gift, without dealing with the crowds or missing out on bargains?

1. Plan ahead. If you think Black Friday is a must, think about what you really need before you head out. Price check items a few days in advance, and keep track of any changes in cost. Don’t be fooled by fake bargains.

2. Buy throughout the year. Although its too late for this holiday season, keep in mind that certain items are cheaper at different parts of the year. You can make Black Friday deals look weak in comparison if you buy during the right season.

3. Think about who you are buying the gifts for, and why. Sometimes, high price items seem inviting because they show we care enough to spend a lot. That said, cheaper presents are often much more valuable. Think about what the person you are shopping for would really appreciate. Maybe that big screen TV isn’t as appealing as a carefully chosen pair of tickets to see their favorite performer or team, or even a homemade gift. Dollars don’t equal affection.

4. Gifts are for sharing. As much as we don’t often admit it, we buy gifts for others that we like, too. That’s not a bad thing. Maximize it buy purchasing shared experiences. Gifts like our Silicone Baking Mat sets are an excellent choice because they allow us to share an activity, not just a gift. How much more fun is making cookies as a family the day after the presents are opened than watching your daughter slink off to her room to play with her new tablet alone?

Happy Holidays, and remember – the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

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